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Research has found that pediatric eye care is not always a top priority for parents. Only 57% of parents reported making regular eye doctor appointments and even fewer (27%) said they took their child to an optometrist in the past year. Of the parents surveyed, 88% felt that comprehensive exams aren’t needed until children are school-aged—and 48% believe pediatricians can conduct them.1 Although myopia is pervasive and considered an epidemic, it’s widely misunderstood or unknown. As part of our mission to raise awareness of myopia and provide educational information to help parents make the best-informed decisions for their child, we’ve created a new myopia infographic.  

Our aim is to encourage parents to not only understand myopia and its impact but to schedule an eye exam for their child. We hope that this infographic acts as a simple, yet comprehensive, tool to help explain what myopia is, how it is increasing in the US and the world, why children have the disease, how they are diagnosed, its long-term complications, treatment options, and where to get more information. 

This initiative supports a grassroots campaign that educates patients on the importance of good ocular health and facilitates the efforts of eye care professionals in your conversations with patients. Various sizes are available on for both digital and print use.

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myopia on the rise

The prevalence of myopia and high myopia are increasing globally at an alarming rate, with significant increases in the risks for vision impairment. Learn more about myopia, its impact, and what you can do with this new myopia infographic via @MyMyopia. #MyMyopia

why does my chid have myopia

One in four parents has a child with myopia. Why do children have myopia? Increased screen time, myopic parents, and less time outdoors are all factors. Read more about the causes and potential treatment options in this myopia infographic. Download, share or print a copy today. #MyMyopia

glasses are not enough

Did you know that conventional glasses and contact lenses do not slow the progression of myopia? There are things you can do to protect your child’s vision. Click here to see the myopia infographic that will help you learn more about myopia, its impact, and the simple steps you can take. #MyMyopia

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