Myopia in the World Today

Statistics about myopia

There are 14 million kids in the U.S. with nearsightedness.


During the ages of 6-12 children’s eyes are growing the fastest.


Genes play a role in whether a child will have myopia (1 parent 25%, 2 parents 50%).


Myopia Treatment Options

There are ways to slow myopia progression in children including the following:


(Ortho-K) hard contacts worn overnight to reshape the eye.

Contact lenses

specialized multifocal daytime lenses.

Topical eye drops

in development (not FDA approved).

Myopia control glasses

Specialized glasses for myopia (not FDA approved).

For Parents & Caregivers

Understanding your child’s eye health and the effects myopia, or nearsightedness, can have is important. Discover resources and information on what you can do to slow its progression.

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For Eye Care Professionals

Myopia can have a serious impact on patients and their loved ones. Through education and shareable resources, you can help support ocular health.

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