7 questions to ask during your child’s eye exam

7 questions to ask at your child's eye exam

You’ve just been told your child needs to see an eye doctor, what questions should you ask at the appointment?

Visiting a doctor’s office can be an anxious experience for both children and parents. An important aspect of any patient-doctor relationship is communication. Preparing your questions ahead of time can not only ease anxious feelings but also help you best manage your child’s vision health.

Here are seven questions to help facilitate your conversation with your eye doctor during the eye exam

1. What tests will we be doing today?

2. What activities and lifestyle changes can you suggest to help manage my child’s condition OR keep their eyes healthy as they grow?

3. Is my child at risk of developing any eye conditions such as myopia?

4. How can I best monitor my child’s eye health?

5. Do you have any materials or other suggestions on how I can learn more about eye health?

6. What is the difference between vision screenings at school and comprehensive eye exams?

7. How often do you recommend we return for a comprehensive eye exam?

Lastly, don’t forget to bring a list of any medications, allergies or other conditions your child has and be sure to bring information on any history of eye disease in your family. Many eye diseases, like myopia, can have hereditary components.1 Below you can click to print the list of questions we’ve listed above so you’re ready to jumpstart a conversation about ocular health with your child’s eye doctor.

Click here to Download the 7 questions

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1.  Jones, et al, IOVS 2007

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